My Last Post Was Three Years Ago… so, how ya been?

I had a great time writing this blog… back in 2009.  It kills me to be such a cliché.  Other priorities took over, and, well, now I’m excited to be back.

The crazy thing is, according to my little stats page, more people are reading Love What You Teach than ever before.  And readers are still sending comments!  Which tells me there’s a demand for more places to talk about teaching and learning.  So, thanks to everyone reading this, and I’m excited to be more consistent this time.

Which brings me to blog post topics… in the coming weeks, I am going to revisit the topics I wrote about before, like PLCs (a reader favorite), effective effort, homework, and classroom organization.  But this time around, I want to talk more about curriculum, especially my passions: science (particularly science outside), engineering, writing (I am totally under the influence of Matt Glover right now), reading (can we talk about fluency?), math (I have a great book for you!), and so much more.

So I’m psyched to be back, and I hope this is the start re-start of many reflective, thought-provoking, inspiring conversations.  Thanks again for reading!