And Teach What You Love

My kids write a blog every week for a website their parents see, but this is… well, everyone can see. It’s exciting and weird and, well, I hope people visit.

So welcome to love what you teach.  Here’s why I’m doing this:

Goal #1: put my teaching ideas (and materials) on the web where everyone can find them (i.e. not in a thousand different emails).  I’m already itching to write about a different way to look at homework, ways to organize your classroom, and all of that start of the year stuff that I’m thinking [freaking out] about right now.

Goal #2: have conversations with other teachers about teaching and learning.  Conversations not confined to the teacher’s room, staff meetings, or — most often — talking fast passing in the hall.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not doing this for the money.  Everything I post here is yours to use.  Here’s to being great teachers!

— a. fox